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Consultation, follow up, home sleep apnea testing, group visits for CBT-I and IRest, durable medical equipment (CPAP therapy), personal wellness - all in one place



Who doesn't have stress?

The question is how you manage it.

We can show you how to come ahead, beat stress, without putting more chemicals in your body, whether they are prescription medicines or supplements.

About Us


Can't fall or stay asleep? Feeling exhausted? Burnt out?

You are in the company of millions feeling the same way.

Consult with your sleep physician, and utilize the cutting edge of health care strategies in insomnia care, with a judicious use of medicines if necessary, but emphasizing  a process of training your mind to calm down, relax and sleep when you need it.

We can help you. We consult, follow and instruct in iRest as well as CBT-I,  following neuroscience principles.



Snoring is not funny. It's an alarm, loud and clear, that you are not breathing well in sleep.

If you can't breathe well, your sleep is constantly disrupted, leading to multiple problems.

We can help you with a swift diagnosis, utilizing home and if needed in-lab testing. We will formulate a management strategy with your needs in mind and provide you with all the support you need. We will follow through to ensure you continue to feel better.

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