melissa cabral

Dr. Amer Khan-"Good Day Sacramento" Ch. 31: Caffeine, "Aero Shots" and Sleep...

Melissa Cabral at the local Sacramento CBS affiliate Channel 31 asked me this morning on the live morning show “Good Day Sacramento” about the new powdered form of caffeine called “Aero Shots”. As a society we are increasingly busy using our bodies and minds to their maximum efficiency and productivity, in the race to do better.

Recently we have learned to pay more attention to physical exercise and nutrition. However, we have not made the connection with the real key to emotional and physical health: Sleep. This has led to the energy drink culture. All kinds of shots, sprays, supplements and powders have flooded the market to provide us with much needed energy to keep working.

Why is it that we don’t have enough energy to be maximally productive? Are these products filled with some sort of nuclear or solar energy? Of course not. Caffeine, sugar and a variety of vitamins and some exotic chemicals are added together to relieve the effects of what is in reality a lack of adequate rest. Adequate rest is required, not optional, for the working of the human body. Rejuvenation, cleaning up, organizing and reorganizing, which is essentially housekeeping work for the body and mind, is performed during sleep. The science has been there for years.

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